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Hospital Digitalization

Universal Medical explores and integrates healthcare resources from home and abroad. Relying on the internationalized medical digitalization team and learning from the advanced HIT technology and experience, Universal Medical develops the world-class hospital digitalization solution to establish a healthcare service platform that features both depth and width.

Establishing Telemedicine Network:Providing telemedicine services and realize the in-depth mergence of internet and healthcare. Universal Medical integrates healthcare resources from home and abroad to open up channels for the communication between patients, doctors and hospitals. By breaking up the limitation of time and space, Universal Medical offers technical support for multi-hospital practice and the establishment of hierarchical medical system.

Providing Medical Digitalization Integration Solution Package:Upholding the patient-centric concept, Universal Medical integrate the self-owned medical digitalization system with leading solutions within the sector, improving the efficiency while realizing the intra- and inter-hospital data integration and information exchange to improve medical quality and cost control capability.

Building Intelligence Healthcare Platform:Giving full play to the coordinated role of information system and network platform and relying on healthcare big data and AI, Universal Medical strives for the goal of precision medicine, epidemic prediction, health management and healthcare supervision and ultimately builds up a comprehensive intelligence healthcare ecosystem.

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